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Town of Grantwood Village

Resident Information

Sewer Lateral Insurance Program Information

Grantwood Village no longer contracts with Saint Louis County to administer our Sewer Lateral Insurance Program.

Sewer Lateral Ordinance 690.15 and Escrow Agreement

For more information regarding the sewer lateral program that Grantwood Village offers, please contact

Emergency Operation Plan Information


Permits are required for a variety of home improvements, including fences, additions, and remodeling. Other activities requiring a permit or a license include garage and estate sales, soliciting, and businesses. Please contact a Trustee for more information.

Occupancy Permits

If you recently purchased a home in Grantwood, you need to have a St. Louis County Occupancy permit prior to moving in your new home.  For more information, please visit the St. Louis County Occupancy information page.

Please view the Guide for New and Current Residents above for more information.