The Grantwoodians

All residents of the Old Grantwood area are invited to join The Grantwoodians.

Cost Per Residence: $30 per year.



The Forest Haven Association

All residents of the Forest Haven are invited to join the Forest Haven Association.

Cost Per Residence: $30 per year.

Nicole Brunkhorst

Nichole Brunkhorst & Kathy Kienstra, Co-Leaders
Florence "Flo" Stalley, Treasurer
Andrea Durway, Communications


Important Resident Information

Non Zoning Permit Applications

For The following:

  • Garage/Estate Sales
  • Chicken Coops
  • Temporary Parking
  • Dumpsters
  • Basement Rental

Non-Zoning-Permit-Application 2-2023

● Ameren – (800) 552-7583
● Laclede Gas – (314) 621-6960
● Missouri American Water – (866) 430-0820
● Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District- (866) 281-5737

Trash & Recycling
● Waste Connections is our Trash & Recycling Provider as of April 1, 2019
● Mondays are our trash pick up day
● Trash, Recycle, Yard Waste at the curb by 6:30 a.m.
● Yard Waste must be in 4 ft tied bundles, yard waste bags or clearly marked container not
weighing more than 60 pounds.
● Monthly Bulk Pick Up - On the 3rd pick-up day of the month. Bulky Waste is a household
item that does not fit in the cart and must not weigh more than what can be safely lifted
by two people. Bulky waste does not include construction debris and appliances. Call to
identify and schedule the bulk item 48 hours in advance.
Office: 636-321-2100

Police Information
The Village contracts with the St. Louis County Police Department to provide police protection.
Our full-time officer is Emir Hadzic, and the Affton 3rd Precinct furnishes additional services,
including 24- hour patrols.
Contact Officer Hadzic prior to going on vacation and he will make sure to include your
home in his normal patrols.
● Dispatch (best way to reach Officer Hadzic) 636-529-8210

Fire Protection
Affton Fire Department 314-631-1803

No Parking Signs
If you are holding an event that requires "No Parking" signs down one side of the street (so your
guests can park), please call the Town Hall number and leave a message for Officer Hadzic. A
week's notice will ensure that the signs will be posted.