Flag Raising


To commence the celebration of our 75th Anniversary, Grantwood hosted a Flag Dedication and Raising Ceremony at the Town Hall Saturday.  The first Grantwood Village flag is now proudly flying over the Town Hall, and will soon be visible over Grant’s Farm, the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site, Sam’s Steakhouse, and numerous residences throughout the Village.  A very special thank you to Tim Good, Superintendent of the Historic Site, for his gracious and wide reaching remarks.  He very succinctly and poignantly noted Grantwood’s unique place in history and our efforts to  preserve our community’s historical significance.
Residents interested in having their own Grantwood Flag, may purchase them through The Grantwood Village Preservation Society for $50.  The Society is a soon-to-be 501 c3 (not for profit) organization unaffiliated with official Village funds or actions, but associated in our efforts to celebrate our 75th Anniversary and promote and preserve the well being of Grantwood.  You may contact either Katy Forand or Kevin Bley.

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