Road Work

November 28, 2012

Grant Road Project
Check out the Grant Road Project page.

Fall 2012 Update
The schedule for street repair in Forest Haven is as follows:
Monday all day – Demolition of failed pavement, inspection of soil conditions
Tuesday all day – Install and compact aggregate in open trenches
Wednesday @ 1:00 p.m. – Inspection by Saint Louis County
Thursday a.m. – After passing inspection by Saint Louis County, pour concrete

The full width of the entrance to Forest Haven at Raleigh and Julia Dent will be closed from Wednesday, 11/28, through Sunday, 12/02.  The entrance will be opened on Monday morning, 12/02.  There are two residential driveways that will be blocked by the construction, and we will have the area in front of these driveways open in 2-3 days.  All other fresh poured concrete will be closed for about two weeks.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and appreciate your understanding while we make these repairs.

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Sunshine Law

June 5, 2012

In addition to serving the citizens of Grantwood Village with a central location for important information, documentation, news and events, this website was created to ensure an exceptional level of local government transparency. This website holds records readily available for Grantwood Village’s meeting minutes, treasurer reports, road construction information, and much more.

These records ensure Grantwood Village’s accordance with Missouri’s 2012 Sunshine (open meetings and records) Law.

All records, including hard copies of Missouri’s Sunshine Law itself, are available for viewing at Grantwood Village Hall upon request.

Information on Missouri’s Sunshine Law can be found here:

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November 5, 2011

Grantwood Village Flag – More Info Here
For the first time, Grantwood Village now has a flag!!  You can see the flag flying over the Town Hall and at various homes throughout the Village.  If you would like your own, flags are available through the Grantwood Village Preservation Society for $50.  Any donation or contribution to the Society is tax deductible.  Please use the contact information to the right if you are interested in buying a flag.

The Town of Grantwood Village Historical Book
    An Historical Book about our Village is one of many ways we plan to mark our 75th Anniversary.  Please view the information below on how you can participate.  We cannot do this without you, so please, contact former neighbors, search through old photo albums, and do a little digging in the ol’ basement.  What a great way to celebrate our history and residents!
What we need from you:
    Pictures – Stories – Mementos – Press clippings – Artifacts
    Even if you think we couldn’t or wouldn’t use it, send it our way!
    Spread the word: Let others know about the project.  Former residents, builders, anyone who may have a
    connection to Grantwood.
Press and Other Information:
    The Affton Shrewsbury Patch:
    Introduction Letter:
            Letter to Residents
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Flag Raising

November 5, 2011


To commence the celebration of our 75th Anniversary, Grantwood hosted a Flag Dedication and Raising Ceremony at the Town Hall Saturday.  The first Grantwood Village flag is now proudly flying over the Town Hall, and will soon be visible over Grant’s Farm, the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site, Sam’s Steakhouse, and numerous residences throughout the Village.  A very special thank you to Tim Good, Superintendent of the Historic Site, for his gracious and wide reaching remarks.  He very succinctly and poignantly noted Grantwood’s unique place in history and our efforts to  preserve our community’s historical significance.
Residents interested in having their own Grantwood Flag, may purchase them through The Grantwood Village Preservation Society for $50.  The Society is a soon-to-be 501 c3 (not for profit) organization unaffiliated with official Village funds or actions, but associated in our efforts to celebrate our 75th Anniversary and promote and preserve the well being of Grantwood.  You may contact either Katy Forand or Kevin Bley.

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The Ulysses S. Grant Presidential $1 Coin Release

May 19, 2011

Grant Presidential Coin Release – May 19, 2011    

As part of the United States Mint’s Presidential Coin Series, our 18th President’s $1 Coin was released on Thursday, May 19th at the Ulysses S. Grant Historic Site.  Nearly 500 people joined in the festivities, including many children.  All children under the age of 18 received a free coin.  Anyone interested in purchasing the Coins, please visit the Commerce Bank – Affton Banking Center.

Chairwoman Forand’s Welcoming Remarks

On behalf of our residents and the Board of Trustees, I am honored to welcome you to the Town of Grantwood Village.

Twenty-five years ago, a group of residents set out to Save Grantʼs White Haven. Judging by the enthusiastic crowd today, I think they succeeded. Thanks to them, we now have the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site, and a dedicated hardworking group of National Park Service employees and volunteers. The staff not only preserves the history of the Dent and Grant families, but also allows the public access and insight into the lives of one of our Greatest Generals and 18th President, and his First Lady.

It brings me great joy to see this crowd here today to celebrate Julia and Ulysses Grant. Both are American Icons whose story began right here. So often, the significance of what is right in our own back yard is lost or taken for granted. When Confederate Soldier Capt. Luther Conn purchased the White Haven estate from Cornelius Vanderbilt, he settled a debt owed to Vanderbilt by Grant. But ultimately, he started the 120 year process of preserving this land and itʼs history. He fell in love with the estate and out of his respect for General Grant, he thought the area needed a name more reflective of the Generalʼs ownership. He renamed the farm Grantwood.

A few decades later, the Town of Grantwood Village was incorporated. We proudly look to celebrate our 75th year in 2012. In our 74 years, we have witnessed the continued preservation efforts. In 1966, August Busch, Jr. (Gussie) gave his permission for the Village to annex Grantʼs Farm. We are ever grateful, as is the entire St. Louis Community, to the Busch Family for not only opening their home to us, but for preserving and giving us the educational and historical venue that is Grantʼs Farm. In the mid 1980ʼs, a group of Grantwood residents joined with our neighbors and formed Save Grantʼs White Haven. By the end of the decade, they had done just that. White Haven was now part of the National Park Service. A few years later, Grantwood welcomed the Ulysses S. Grant Historic Site to our Village. Today, we are home to Grantʼs Farm, the Historic Site, Grantʼs Trail, and nearly 900 residents.

As residents of Grantwood Village know, this is a special place. This land brought together Confederate and Union soldiers and their families. It was the childhood playground of a future First Lady. It is the ancestral home of one of this countryʼs most successful entrepreneurial families. And it is all right in our own back yard.

Thank you for this opportunity to welcome you here today. It is a privilege to be a part of the Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Coin unveiling. Sharing my appreciation of history, my admiration of the Dent, Grant and Busch families, and my love of Grantwood Village means very much to me.

Thank you, Superintendent Good, for all your work in preserving and sharing the history of White Haven and for everything you contribute to our community. I also want to thank the United States Mint for selecting the Historic Site for todayʼs occasion; you could not have picked a better or more deserving Site. And finally, thank you all for making today another memorable day in our Grantwood Village history; we are very proud to be a part of this historical community. Please enjoy your visit.


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