Grantwood Village Flag – More Info Here
For the first time, Grantwood Village now has a flag!!  You can see the flag flying over the Town Hall and at various homes throughout the Village.  If you would like your own, flags are available through the Grantwood Village Preservation Society for $50.  Any donation or contribution to the Society is tax deductible.  Please use the contact information to the right if you are interested in buying a flag.

The Town of Grantwood Village Historical Book
    An Historical Book about our Village is one of many ways we plan to mark our 75th Anniversary.  Please view the information below on how you can participate.  We cannot do this without you, so please, contact former neighbors, search through old photo albums, and do a little digging in the ol’ basement.  What a great way to celebrate our history and residents!
What we need from you:
    Pictures – Stories – Mementos – Press clippings – Artifacts
    Even if you think we couldn’t or wouldn’t use it, send it our way!
    Spread the word: Let others know about the project.  Former residents, builders, anyone who may have a
    connection to Grantwood.
Press and Other Information:
    The Affton Shrewsbury Patch:
    Introduction Letter:
            Letter to Residents
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